Invalidating a session in java Adult chatroulette style camchat

// Note : // We may need to invalidate the existing session to ensure that all previous session data(s) for the user is removed from the context. I have observed that even after Session Times out,the Servlet uses the same previous Session ID.(may be because of Cookies etc..



But these rule is not applicable for get Servlet Context() method.

Critical data should always be saved to a permanent datastore (such as the database), and the session should be reserved for data caching and user management information.

This code example shows how to set and get variables stored in a session.

But when I originally wrote that blog code (back in 1999), I had no interest in tracking visitors (and I personally still don't).

Earlier this year I wrote an application for a client using JSF and JAAS, but unfortunately I don't remember if we did anything to access the servlet session.

Standard Wrapper Valve.invoke(Standard Wrapper at org.apache.


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