Introduction dating agency in switzerland

While working with the successful, wealthy and influential in her psychotherapy practice, Susie Ambrose, CEO of Seventy Thirty, observed that “assets” did not make it easier to find a relationship.In fact, she realised that high achievers faced unique difficulties in finding genuine, compatible life partners.At the beginning of 2000, I noticed that there was not a specialist agency specifically for the affluent market.Wealthy and successful people lead very dynamic and full lives; their success is often a product of a broad curious mind, high expectations and positive attitude and drive.Their requirements in potential partners are therefore fairly unique: they need one who is intellectually stimulating, sophisticated yet adventurous and fun, passionate with zest for live.

We are not just virtual dating site but real match making service - we have a team of people to work on your successful introduction.We have been very successful and I am proud to say that we have had so many marriages!


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