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Development approximately 29 people with asperger’s syndrome and founder and over 40 naked webcams free nj creator of sun records.

He will take any woman, married, dating, or single. Ren Richardson was discharged from the service due to the raping of 2 women. Wife 1 contacts wife 3 (CURRENT WIFE) and wife 3 contacts me, the "new girlfriend to be" (HA) and well... Though I had already told Ren to hit the road, lose my phone ... And wife 3 current agreed as well, only she arrived at 9 for a few beers first. PRICELESS OH AND before i took him to my bedroom, I had a candid conversation with him... He SWORE he was not married, SWORE he wanted me and only me and SWORE SWORE SWORE that he was everything he said he was, and MORE. More than I would wish on my worst enemy Stay alert, gals...At time it took hours for someone to get there to fix the problem. I had to send my laundry to the cleaners and pay for a night at a hotel.A couple of times it happened 3 times in one month. Tricia told me on July 8th she would check more into this. The manager did nothing to try and rectify this situation. Had been in my apartment for one night and woke up with bites all over from bugs. Serious problems with spiders, cockroaches, toilet continuously overflowing and horrible neighbors.

Paid to have a parking spot but people always parking in my spot. Few months later we get an invoice in the mail stating we owed over 00.For last months rent, which was paid and we have check and receipt to prove but also for pet deposit and damage. Tricia is trying to say we had a cat and that there was cat urine in one of the bedroom closets.



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