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Around the city, taking illegal taxis should be no problem.However, taking an illegal taxi to or from the airport may attract the attention of the police.Find unbeatable deals on all routes between Havana to Cuba.Quickly compare and sort through all different flight options and be assured with our Price Drop Protection. Prices subject to date restrictions and availability.This event, though, led us to think about the Ritz’s American Bar a long, long time ago. Meier, an Austrian, joined the Ritz in 1921, when it first opened.He was a renowned bartender who had worked at some of the most prestigious bars in New York before prohibition.Taxes, fees and surcharges are included in prices shown.


The fare in illegal taxis will be no cheaper than the official taxi fare.

As part of the conference, we were invited to spend an evening at the Las Vegas Club, one of Havana’s liveliest drag performance venues.

Within the club’s fanciful decor, female impersonators in spectacular outfits poured their hearts out as they lip-synched to tragic, romantic music.

It is illegal for tourists to ride in anything other than the official government taxis.


However, it is often easier to wave down one of the old Chevys or Ladas.I was very impressed to discover that she had taught herself to speak English.



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