Han hyo joo dating jaejoong


But it was all worth it when you see that happy ending. I recommend this to everyone, don't worry, it's a happy ending unlike the Humming which tore my heart out (still love that movie though :). And I am telling you, whether you are a happy ending seeker or a sad ending hunter, this is the movie for you. LOVE the movie, LOVE Hero and his confession scene!!! It is just perfect: The cast, the setting, the indie-like atmosphere, the sweet and breathtaking story... The fist Korean movie I watched and the one that made me fell in love with Kim Jae Joong for the rest of my life. i so love the part when they are hugging in the post office. Of all the romantic movies i've seen..movie is by far the most incredible and touching story of all. Another simple and ordinary story, yet so beautiful.

【Female channel ♪La La TV】Won the Prime minister’s award at the “Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards”!

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Well, it’s common for young people to get a bit cozy with each other after a few drinks, but it turns big deal when it involves celebrities…

especially when it involves member from one of the biggest boybands.

Recent photos of Korean actress Han Hyo-joo partying with pop singer Jaejoong from boyband TVXQ have sparked huge interest online.


On one day met a young man, who was a mysterious deliveryman who carries letters to Heaven.His agency released the confirmation this week and it was pretty low key considering his fellow member Yoochun who is also in military service has been embroiled in a huge legal mess for the last three months.



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