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Habbo is a social MMO catering to a teenage audience set in a virtual hotel environment where players interact with each other via customizable avatars called Habbos. Habbo (previously known as Habbo Hotel) is a teenage-focused social MMO that has been one of the largest social networking platforms for many years since its release in 2001.

Players can customize rooms and dress up their avatars to express their interests, and make friends across numerous virtual worlds in the game. The game boasts over 300 million avatars over its nine online communities, branching across over 150 countries.

Habbo (formerly known as Habbo Hotel) is a social networking game/website and online community owned and operated by Sulake.

Aimed at teenagers, Habbo allows users to chat with others, make friends, and participate in games and activities within a hotel-themed community.

Despite the “very sexual, perverse, violent, pornographic” conversations uncovered, some users attacked Channel 4 News.


They can usually be found camwhoring with youngsters, having incest with their mothers, having little boys suck their dicks for Habbo coins, or even abducting foreign schoolgirls who wouldn't have a fucking clue. We all know that Habbo Hotel is really an Internets Dating Site formed by none other than the creator of the Internet - Former President Al Gore. No matter how much they tell you about OMG OMG DEY STOLE MY FURNI, just ignore them.

, it was later also given out in the following months for various competition prizes and event hosting around the New Year. Whose game rooms kept you entertained for hours on end and which Helpdesk actually helped you?



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