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And up until that point, I really didn’t get what blogs were all about really. And then by March 2009, you have sold the site and obviously received quite a sizeable windfall from that. You’ve got to wait something like three years or something? I was just under obligation that I could not discuss – there was a non-disclosure built into the contract. But I can say that throughout 2008, I’ve received a lot of interest, a number of people that emailed me and asked whether Get Rich Slowly was for sale. And then in January 2009, my bestfriend committed suicide. It made me realize that – I don’t know, I was forgoing today chasing some unknown tomorrow. I had been working like mad at Get Rich Slowly, just hours and hours and hours, tons of time, like 80 hours a week. ”, I always stir them towards that just because it’s more important I think – because the math is easy, as you’ve said before. And another thing I wanted to say, Brandon is when you read a book like How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World or Your Money or Your Life or Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, there are always going to be parts that you disagree with. If you had to just narrow it down to what’s most important over that journey, what would you say? I find that a lot of my friends (and even myself in the past) make excuses for where they are and what they’re doing. But I’m stuck, blah-blah-blah.” I just reached a point where I realized, “No! What matters is the future.” It doesn’t matter how you got here or why you’re here, what matters is what you’re going to do with the hand that you’ve been dealt.I know that may be surprising since I’m a professional software developer, but I actually got into computer science through math. You founded Get Rich Slowly back in 2006, I believe. And one thing that really frustrates me when people read these books and they decide they don’t agree with certain aspects that the author is writing about is they will just discard everything from the book. I think that’s a very important thing for people to understand.They downsized into a 1,500-square-foot home located close to work.


One of the most successful investors I know in Austin uses this exact same phrase quite a bit. I think the overall point is that rehab or value-add deals are good for short-term gains, but that the real money is made over the long haul owning property. Today it's quite possible to become very rich practically instantly (relative to traditional business and RE) with the internet and globalization.

Good investment properties also build equity through tenant payments.

You can also force appreciation in some circumstances.

Or the American property multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki who was completely broke when he started.


A buy-to-rent book for beginners This book was written for beginners, who are thinking about this type of investment.

Since selling his incredibly popular blog,, he now spends most of his time writing about life and money at his personal site, Part of that is learning to automate good behavior. Do I really want to show what’s going on behind-the-scenes? It just completely opened my eyes like, “Yeah, I’m following all these rules, but most of these rules are dumb. It sounds funny to people when they come to me and they want recommendations for personal finance books and I recommend that. He’s writing specifically about martial arts, I think, is the examples that he uses most of the time. It’s just this gradual process of getting a little bit better and then getting a little worse and then getting a little better and then getting a little worse. It’s Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-term Fulfillment. Yeah, I’ll put a link to that in the show notes for everybody. And by that, take responsibility for your situation, for your future, for your destination, where you’re going.


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