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A mom with one kid raising her alone while taking care of her aging dad. Somehow, with all of that, a real portrait of the 40- to 50-something woman is missing, or misconstrued, from much of the mainstream media and advertising conversations."The mommy blog thing happened for a while, but that's only one piece of a woman's life," says Ann Shoket, former editor-in-chief of but a member of Gen X at 43.

A woman who just came out as a lesbian to her parents. "My friends are going through serious stuff—marriage, career, a lot of important, heavy-duty issues—and I don't see anybody having solid, substantive conversations around those things."But is it about becoming the invisible middle-aged woman or being part of a generation that's tiny and tough to market to?


(Heck, it's not even true for deliciously cranky Janeane; here she is out doing comedy on a MONDAY night to a sold-out house.

I'm at a comedy club in New York City, watching 50-year-old Janeane Garofalo do a bit about Millennials versus Gen X: "This generation says yes to life, which I don't do. I giggled but felt a little chink in my Gen-X armor.


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