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The company is facing legal battles, including refiled last year by the state of California against its chief executive officer (CEO) and two founders and a civil lawsuit now headed for trial in Washington state after the courts declined to dismiss it, according to the report.

Backpage was also subjected to a 20-month that found it complicit in trafficking.

Backpage is a US-based online site that has listings for a wide variety of products and services, including automotive, jobs and real estate.

It has been under fire since 2011 for allegedly using its adult services subsection for prostitution that particularly involved minors.

We know that two lads from Lower Broughton were there who went out the next day and bought guitars at Mazel Radio which used to be on Piccadilly Station Approach, they formed a band called Joy Division; We know that Mark E Smith was there who went on to form The Fall; we know that Paul Morley was there who went on to become a writer and wrote about the scene for the NME etc."There was ANOTHER gig six weeks later there that was actually full, and that’s where the Hacienda came from, that’s where Factory Records came from.

So it’s a very easy thing to put your finger on and say: yeah, that’s where everything kind of changed.


The bust sent tremors through Wall Street, exposing a world of illicit, back-channel dealings between prominent hedge fund managers and senior executives in the high-tech industry.

For its part, Avion has claimed it does nothing more than “host and moderate ads.” The report said, however, that there were hackers at Avion “believed to be stealing proprietary real-estate photos and information on behalf of an industry rival.” Co Star claimed that its raiding team’s yield contained proof that its intellectual property was being ripped off, but has been denied by its competitor.


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