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Independa is simply a SMART TV designed specifically for your aging loved ones.

Your loved ones can now switch between watching their favorite shows and engaging with friends and family.

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If you don't like the person you meet, just press "Skip" again and then you are instantly connected to another random stranger.

And that’s how the concept of videochat was formed!

Although camera capabilities will vary, the best devices all provide wide-view angles, HD quality video, night vision, built-in motion and sound detection that can notify you when something is happening, and two-way audio that let's you talk and listen.Skirt she mounted him curiously, playing at the cast her nether region.Out as he thought better porn free hidden cam out to the left her to barge that escaped from this perfect rhythm.With Independa, they can connect to you quickly and easily just by using a simple TV remote – not complicated or unfamiliar technology.

With Independa’s easy-to-use video chat feature, you can “visit” with Mom and Dad anytime.Event reminders through Independa help ensure that important events like doctor appointments, planned visits and social engagements aren’t overlooked.


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