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Sky UK ASTRA 28.2' Satellite Channels Here you will find a complete list of all available channels on ASTRA 28.2°, which can be received with a Sky Viewing Card.There are currently around 700 television and radio channels available on the Sky TV network.She has fleshy pussy lips and she was quite "juicy" between them. When i arrived i was greeted by something rather horrid - her face leaves much to be desired. Cost: R500 Venue: 0/10 (Digusting) BJ: 1/10 Sex: 0/10 (The smell was so bad i pulled out after 5 min and left) Attitude: 1/10 Looks: 1/10 Return: Never DURBAN: Aisha: Very demanding to be only dom - i wanted light dom bj sex. link=show_large_image&advert_id=8292&from_link=girls_kwazulu_natal&weight=weight_1&show_start=150 Date: Late 2009 Not the prettiest - that ass is 100% real - small boobs. Cost: R400-R500 (usual dbn price) Venue: 2/10 (could be better) BJ: 7/10 Sex: 7/10 Attitude: 5/10 Looks: 4/10 Return: No Kelly: Very clean, smells fresh and natural and does not smell like a perfume factory had just exploded! The venue is clean and the room I've used (twice now) is very neat with a shower, double bed and massage table. Cost: R650 Venue: 8/10 (only visited her at Tammys) BJ: 9/10 Sex: 7/10 (not tight) Attitude: 8/10 Looks: 8/10 Return: No Mishka: She smokes, but you can hardly smell it on her breath (and take it from me, as a non-smoker I am very sensitive to tobacco breath! The bedding looks fresh and it smells clean and not of BO or smoke. Beautiful voice and conversation - she's french/arabic. (i remember it being a bit more expensive then a punt back in 2008) Venue: 10/10 (personal residence) Massage: 10/10 BJ (happy ending): 9/10 Sex: 0/10 - there was none Attitude: 8/10 (but i like sassy) Looks: 10/10 Return: Yes - if sex is on offer :) Kerisha: link=search_name&weight=weight_1&show_start=0&n_i=7999 Date: 2010 - in jhb (birnam venue) Terrible - just stay away.) Looks like she normally shaves her pubes, but has grown a thin layer of hair. Besides Tina and another girl on a previous occasion, I've VERY briefly had a glance of about 4 or 5 others because I was always shown straight into the room. Haven't ever submitted a review previously but have punted extensively. Below are the "current" wgs that i found whom i've had the good/bad experience of: Johannesburg: Dounia link=show_large_image&advert_id=227&from_link=search_details&weight=weight_1&show_start=54 Date: Early 2010 She is a dominatrix. She's about 5x the size as the profile pic - its a deception.I prefer it smooth, but it's trimmed in such a way that her clit is cleanly exposed. She prefers being on her back with legs over your shoulders (says she likes the deep penetration it gives). I would have given a higher score, but she's a little stiff (I don't expect a WG to thrash around like she's having the best orgasm of her life - in fact I'm always a little suspicious if she does go on like she's lost her vibrator that's stuck on high, up her pussy! There's most of the better/excellent wgs that dont seem to exist anymore/have retired?? link=show_large_image&advert_id=2950&from_link=search_details&weight=weight_1&show_start=36 Date: 2008 (she's been off circuit for a while until recently) Back then she offered massage only. I had never experienced it before and was interested by her pic and that dom was an add on. Cost: R650 Venue: 8/10 BJ: 9/10 Sex: 8/10 Attitude: 7/10 Looks: 7/10 Return: No. link=search_name&weight=weight_1&show_start=0&n_i=9279 Date: 2010 (2 times) I think she also started last yr Good looking (face) but body is a bit flabby. Please if you read this and still see her - reply to this thread so i can call you a doos.


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    Sunday 27th August, 9pm - late Old Street With everything going on in the world, Bounce thought it was high time for another SUMMER OF LOVE, where expression of the soul and free love culminate in a plethora of potent ping pong paddles swirling through the air.

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    DARTS service is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to access regular transit service. All submissions will be considered, but only applicants with relevant qualifications will be contacted for an interview.

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    Stop die lul van je diep in haar gladde en warme kut.

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    Candies Escorts - your discreet and exclusive Escort Agency for every occasion.

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    Yahoo: goodbadgirl696955 Kik: ohyouknow99 Skype: [email protected]Hello ladies!

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