Formview onitemupdating dating men in taiwan


In this example, I'm assuming that I'm displaying a set of Customer objects of some kind in a List(of Customer).

I first check to see if the List is in the Session object and, if it isn't, build it.

You have another Form View that inserts data into the gridview.


The Crm Entity Form View is an custom server control that renders a managed form in an Adxstudio Portal based on a particular form or view customization defined on an entity within CRM (See Managed Forms). But you can skip the Data Source and use the Data Views to handle displaying and updating any collection of objects you want, with a few lines of code. NET Data Views are powerful tools when coupled with a Data Source.To fix this, select the Form View, go to properties, create the Item Inserted event for the form and put this code in it This will cause the gridview to refresh.

As soon as you add the data, Gridview will automatically display it.

What actually happens is, Data Bind() forces page fresh.


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