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Use it in the kitchen to display your favorite recipe while cooking, at the office so you'll never miss another alert, or anywhere else you need quick access to your phone.(Komando.com, )You can't go wrong by giving a gadget that holds even more gadgets.Look for new music on music websites or Youtube by searching for your favorite genre. Scrapbooking is an awesome way to help you remember all the best parts of your life.

If you ever pay a visit to the Refuge, be sure to drop by our Visitor Center where you can watch the Osprey Cam and Eagle Cam video live on our TV monitors.

So when I pulled mine out at bars or on street corners, I was exceptionally popular. I haven’t had an experience like that with any other piece of technology until a few weeks ago, when I started to use the Samsung Gear 360 on a trip to Singapore.

The tiny globe—it looks a bit like a Go Pro, a bit like a webcam—captures 360-degree photos and videos using two fish-eye lenses.

In the meantime, some European Honeybees rediscovered the box and apparently are deciding to call it home again. Nonetheless, those of you who pledged will still get a chance to guess a species. Again, I’ll shortly be emailing the link to do this as well as other Birdathon followup.


Check out this 2 min clip from around 3PM on May 23rd of how fast they got to work. Pete 5/15/17 Wynne kindly (and gently) let me now that Steve mentioned the 100th Birdtahon species in his recap. Pete 05/14/17 Hmmmm, it appears the LED’s that provide the night time infrared view of the cavity are no longer working. Pete 4/21/16 I think you all know that I don’t often make a pitch for support.Our eggs are about a week old, and already the eaglets are growing body parts inside their shells.



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