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To enable a Web application to expose Web services, you need to customize the Web application so that it can use Axis engine.

You need to perform three steps: If you have copied the and files and axis folder to your Web application, you can use (or whatever you have renamed it) to test the Axis engine.

Apache Axis has made developing Java Web services a breeze.

In this article, I will discuss some guidelines that prove to be very helpful when developing Java Web services using Axis.

here are the details: Fault - Could not find class for the service named: ... I tried both axis 1.3 and 1.4 and still has the same issue.

Axis is catching the exception and throwing it out as a runtime exception: Invalid Provider URL. I have dowloaded latest version of JBoss (JBoss 4.05GA) and Axis2 and deployed axis2file in Tomcat 5.5 as well as in JBoss 4.05. No Class Def Found Error: Few other things: Connectivity from Web Server to ...

At the time of this writing, 1.1 is the stable release and 1.2 is in the alpha release. I will refer to this download as the Axis archive from this point onwards.



The easiest one is to use Axis native JWS (Java Web Service) files. Custom deployment enables you to customize resources that should be exposed as Web services. JWS files contain Java class source code that should be exposed as Web service.

Does this mean that in order to use an Apache Axis SOAP webservice you have to use their command line tool Admin Client to deploy services?


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