Eff my dating life

This morning, after record-high temperatures in mid-February, the East Coast was hit with a real bitch of a blizzard.It came just in time for this Friday's lunar eclipse, full moon (known as the Snow Moon) The Snow Moon occurs every February right after the halfway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. )Basically, it comes around when we're all feeling DONE with winter and need some change ASAP.This means if you've been feeling restless in an area of your life — either in your job, your relationships or in your personal life with fitness goals or your health — now is a good time to set some goals and plant some seeds for change in those areas.And because making wishes is for toddlers, my suggestion is to take your goal setting to another level through small, focused actions.The losers are pizza, pancakes, tequila, and pretty much every other meal and drink imaginable.So think twice before you order that panini—apparently, no matter how much your stomach craves it, you should refrain out of the completely scientific, not at all absurd finding that it might make your soul mate vanish in front of your eyes. I love food, and it can do a lot of truly magical things. And while I'm glad to see two of my favorites (fried chicken and sushi) coming out on top, I the idea that someone would forego the dish they actually want because some study told them to.By focusing on what truly matters and planning out the steps to get there, the remainder of winter will fly on by, and you'll make some serious progress.Whatever you plan on doing this Friday, keep in mind the changes coming are within your own control.


I've already talked about how each of the zodiac signs will be feeling the eclipse this month, but overall, the theme of a lunar eclipse is to facilitate inward, spiritual change.

"It’s a wonderful show that can get you to laugh and cry at the same time."The ESPYS ceremony airs on ABC Wednesday, July 13, at 8 p.m.



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