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It allows users to communicate in discussion topics on a given subject in a clever and organized manner.

Furthermore, it has a number of powerful features which end users can take advantage of.

Even to the most starry-eyed entrepreneur that will likely feel on the high side. Here’s what the company told me (published in full): When dating or lifestyle start-ups seek investment, a huge proportion of investors’ money is typically spent on seeding their database, with acquisition via channels like Facebook, Google and more.

Venntro is in the unique position to offer something that a lot of other investors can’t.

We recently highlighted the rise of the corporate venture investor but might the same be said of corporate accelerators and incubators?

If ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ is the Internet-age mantra, having a strategic and monetary stake in those who are most likely to cause disruption is perhaps one way of hedging bets.

Over the past 12 months, almost 9.2 million members registered to sites in the Venntro portfolio.

We will offer startups involved in Ventures the opportunity to cross-sell their product to those 9.2 million members.“This is great for us, because it means that we can offer consumers choice and it’s great for the startups in the programme because it significantly reduces their acquisition spend while positively influencing their ROI.”“Not only are this audience are already engaged with dating products, but we also know from experience that the take-up from cross-selling between different products is typically high,” said Williams.


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