Dating someone with poor finances


Q: My fiancé and I combined our bank accounts last year.At the time, he had about ,000 in debt and I had two credit cards that I typically paid off each month.But as the relationship progresses, the importance of discussing financial issues grows exponentially.Many people ignore it, only to wake up one day and realize there are real challenges to marrying someone who has a heaping pile of debt.Student loan debt is discharged during bankruptcy or nearly under any other circumstance.A defaulted student loan will tank a credit score which means if will be that much more difficult if you want to buy a home with this person.In a survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, 44% of respondents between the ages of 44 and 54 said money was the primary cause of stress in their relationships.


These are questions to ask when you’re considering DTR.

If you’re still dating, here are some points to consider so you can avoid that situation.

This doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you’re already married when your partner comes clean about his or her debt — it’s still completely possible to tackle the debt together, but having a mutually agreed upon plan that both of you can stick to should be a priority.

If your boyfriend admits he’s paying off loans, ask him for the total. When people feel attacked, that’s when they’re tempted to start lying.

Most of us have made poor financial decisions, so try to be as understanding as possible.After covering our necessities, we are left with only about 0 a month. A: You don't need a budget—you need a reality check. Your combined income is ,250 a month; even in a state with a high income tax rate, your combined take-home pay is probably about ,000 a month.


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