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How to role play in bed If you’ve never indulged in role playing sex or anything close to this before, then you may think the whole game is just hilarious. But like it goes with everything else, you never know what you’re missing until you try it!Wearing costumes while having sex may make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable, but the more you feel the part, the more the fun for both of you.If a man considers a woman as “fling material” only, then the odds of him pursuing a long-term relationship with her, let alone to marry her and have 2.5 kids with her, are slim to none.Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen the “Outlander” Season 2 finale, Episode 13, titled “Dragonfly in Amber.” Refresh your memory of where we left off with our previous “Outlander” recap.Comfort is key for both partners in having phenomenal sex, and this is often based on familiarity, how good you feel about the relationship, and whether or not you hold the same sexual values.Furthermore, stoking the flames of your libidinal desires for a prolonged period of time can make for even hotter action when the two of you finally do decide to go all the way.While the qualifications for incredible intimacy vary, for many new couples, the waiting period is often dependent upon having gone on “x” number of dates, having been together for a certain length of time, or having fallen hopelessly in love. But slowly, we fell into stride and things were amazing.Equally wait-worthy: holding out for sex once you’ve started sleeping together, as Mike, knows:“I was going out with a girl and knew that we’d get better in bed with time — and we did. Most guys don't realize that much of a woman's sexual pleasure comes in having a strong comfort level with her man.”While temporary abstinence isn’t for everyone, there are benefits to holding off on all out intercourse.



When it comes to first impressions, a guy will often label women into either a “Fling” category or as possible “marriage material”.

For beginners, you could just play along without the costumes, and opt for roles that wouldn’t make you uncomfortable.

You aren't living until you've tried these.

Often, this experience turns out to be much more exciting in role playing situations than in real life!

Click here to read the introduction on sexual role play for beginners.

Couples just have to make sure that they’re on the same page with this type of sex, which can only be done through intimate discussions, where you share what sex means to you and the role you want it to play in your relationship.


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