Dating model 120 winchester shotguns

These rifles are incredibly popular, but their shotguns have carved their own piece of American history as well.

The 1887 lever-action Winchester shotgun was a creation on John Browning and took on the classic lever-action design Winchester was known for. The Model 1897 was one of the first successful pump-action shotguns and one of John Browning’s most renowned firearms.

Winchester produced a number of different single barreled, double barreled, pump action, and semi-automatic shotguns.

Catalog #8111 was the Riot Standard model with riot sights and an 18 1/8th inch barrel.(All of Marlin's exposed hammer pump guns had the same basic action)Speaking of safety, Marlin put out a notice several years back that their older pumps with a visible hammer should not be considered safe to shoot with modern shells these days. The Teens An update on the 1898, the Model 16 replaced it in 1907.The name came from the fact that the guns were chambered in 16-gauge, which was the most popular shotgun shell in the U. Sold in two different barrel lengths (26 and 28) and four different grades of finish. The 1866 Winchester used a unique double firing pin which struck the head of the rimfire cartridge in two places which increased the chances that it would fire reliably. The Winchester Model 1873 introduced the first Winchester center fire cartridge, the .44-40 WCF (Winchester Center Fire).


Winchester had the Henry rifle completely modified and improved to become the first Winchester rifle, the Model 1866, which fired the same .44 caliber rimfire cartridges as the Henry.To compete with Winchester's very popular Model 1894 series of pump guns, Marlin produced this Model 1898 for seven years.


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