Dating hiv test


Despite Gluckman’s early naiveté about the virus, condom use was mandatory with every one of her partners, and Gluckman made sure to get tested for HIV every time she got together with a new boyfriend.That is, until she began dating “Adam” (not his real name), a good friend who eventually became her boyfriend when she was 22.

So while I knew that HIV existed, I never thought it could happen to me.” Gluckman will turn out to urge people to get free testing for the virus during an event at The Abbey in West Hollywood, hosted by the foundation in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, on June 27, National HIV Testing Day.

Often women whose partners inject drugs or have multiple partners find out they are positive for HIV when they take an HIV test that is offered as part of prenatal exams. “My Facebook org had organized an HIV testing activity and a bunch of us were getting tested. It was supposed to be no big deal,” says the 30-year old media communications specialist.

It’s been more than four years ago but Cassandra* still remembers how her hands were shaking when she got the sealed envelope that contained her HIV test results.

They were living together and had been intimate for a couple of months when, Gluckman said, her judgment lapsed and she decided to forego condoms during sex.

Not long thereafter, Gluckman realized her mistake and insisted that they both get tested for HIV. 25, 2010, she and Adam arrived at the offices of Planned Parenthood in Santa Monica, where he was called first into the doctor’s office.

“He came back and said he had tested positive, and I said, ‘Yeah, right,’ ” Gluckman recalled.


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