Dating fred harvey postcards

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27, 1905, and though the tiny writing is difficult to read I believe I’ve “decoded” the message. Dear ones, You see we are still at the canyon & will be until 3 P.

It’s an interesting, if brief, chronicle of a trip into the canyon, written at a time when the Grand Canyon had been a tourist destination for only a handful of years: Bright Angel: At Grand Canyon.

All that remains are a series of empty lots down by the tracks at the corner of Third Avenue and Neosho Street.

Special thanks to Emporian Scott Thomas for the tour of the site, and the photos used on this web page.

Then as now, the saddled-up tourists and their mules would clip-clop down the switchback trail into the vast chasm, denying vertigo, approaching infinity.

By the time those tourists returned that night to the rim, the Kolbs would have prints to sell them — proof of the travelers' valor and the canyon's desolate beauty, all in one frame.

Fred Harvey's ALVARADO HOTEL on the corner of First Street & Central .

The Sandia Mountains are incorrectly shown in the background.) The Fred Harvey Hotel at Albuquerque was named after Hernandez de Alvarado, a captain of artillery in Coronado's famous expedition.

Specially attractive features of the hotel are its delightful gardens and patios.

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"Phostint" card; Specifies one cent postage United States and Canada; Foreign two cents. The Alvarado and the Depot are shown facing west across the tracks.

It was dreadful coming back, & after we got back we learned it was a 14 mile trip & we walked every step.


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