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Being a Dinner Club member is about enjoying the good life: making new friends, building confidence, getting social, going out and having fun.

This is the real thing: you will feel more confident and meet new people, and you never know..of your dinner companions might end up being the one to fall in love with!

View our menu Xanadu Wine Bar Head to GOMA Restaurant’s Terrace from 3.00pm on Wednesday evenings during the 'Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe' exhibition for premium wines and bar food.

View our menu Our Wine Our wine selection is predominantly new world in origin, with a focus on Queensland's growing regions.

View our wine list The menu at the GOMA Cafe Bistro is designed for communal dining with wholesome, home-style dishes that showcase beautiful produce.


I also heard there is a shortage of men so they have abundant dinner. I contacted Margaret to express my concerns, she replied saying it was difficult to find appropriate 'matches' available.

Dinner at Eight is group dinners for genuine single people aged 30 -70 at a variety of restaurants around Melbourne.


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