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Is love something that money can’t buy, or is it worth a try anyway?

To achieve the love and devotion they’ve dreamed of.

‘It’s about not positioning him as the prize,’ she says.

‘Advice like “don’t approach him, don’t respond to his messages quickly, don’t tell him that you’re looking for a serious relationship, don’t be needy” is so 2006. ‘We’re playing defensive because we don’t want him to reject us.

It’s women who are supposed to lead the emotional tone of their relationships, and attaching our car to our men’s emotional roller coaster hasn’t been working for some time.

But with a little lesson on the Sociology, Anthropology, Biology, and Psychology of who you are, you’ll understand just how amazing it is to be a woman who leads the way when it comes to love. It all starts with your peace of mind, and I make that first step easy as pie.

Putting a lot of effort into dating and not finding any meaningful relationships? Welcome to Passion Smiths, London’s best dating coach and relationship counsellors dedicated to helping singles and couples alike.



“Before I started working with Kyle, my experience of relationships with men was mostly negative and destructive and I felt more and more like I would end up alone because of the barriers I had put up over time.Through the work I have done with Kyle, I am now more confident and self-assured.I feel that I can fearlessly seek a long-term committed relationship, secure in the knowledge that I have the tools at hand to work through issues that may arise and that I can face and overcome any challenges along the way, where in the past I used to just walk away” We’re so confident that our singles relationship and dating coaching programme will help you find your ideal partner and create a great relationship that we’re willing to guarantee it! We work with any dating and relationship related issues, from how to create an online dating profile to how to communicate better with your partner.


We help our clients get relationships through private one-to-one date coaching or couples counselling, seminars and workshops.

Men, is finding a life or romantic partner worth paying for?


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