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Rainbow managed to choke back a laugh, and focus on the very real problem.In her mind, there was only one logical solution."Don't worry, Twilight! Passerby in the densely populated park known as Canterlot Square would later describe what they saw as a 'screaming rainbow fireball'. " a towering unicorn stallion bellowed, even as his horn pulled some of the younger park visitors away from the area that would soon be 'ground zero'. A deep and resounding impact, bearing resemblance to the noise a wad of dough makes when slammed on a counter-top, was followed immediately by a pair of soul-splitting cracks and a long scraping noise that ultimately evoked the feeling of giant nails on a half-mile long chalkboard.Currently writing Egyptian mythology content to be added to Shmoop's Mythology section, on a per-project freelance basis.Shmoop is a startup educational resource geared toward middle-school and high-school students. You—" The air rushed past Rainbow's ears, cutting out most of her friend's words. I'm not—" "I'll take us down in a minute, Twilight! Awesome enough, even, to drown out the screaming unicorn behind her. It brought her head close enough to the cart behind her to hear Twilight over the wind."—to slow down! Dash threw a glance over her shoulder, at which point she found herself caught between the guilty desire to laugh, and the heart-stopping fear that her friend was probably about to die.


During the Industrial Revolution wood preservation became a cornerstone of the wood processing industry.

This emperor, from the Amhara ethnic group led the unification of Ethiopia, and imposed the Amhara rule to the Oromos.


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