Dating caucasian rugs een dating

Bare hardwood floors can always benefit from the addition of a warm, plush rug, but carpeted rooms can also benefit from rugs, which add contrasting textures and patterns.Get creative by hanging elegant rugs on walls or layering rugs to mix and match different tones and textures.Ultimately, rugs offer a versatile way to enhance your home's decor and give your room a finished look.View Our Entire Collection of Antique Caucasian Rugs Antique Caucasian Rugs History - The mountainous region of the Caucasus has been an attested center of rug production since at least the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.In order to find out hint #1 on antique oriental rug, You can easily become familiar both with these colors and with the effect of time on vegetable dyes just by looking at collections of handmade antique oriental rugs in museums.


Consequently many descriptive terms have evolved over years. Today in a retail store, a rug's age may be described along any of the lines of the following table: Antique 50 years and older Semi-Antique 30 to 99 years old Old 20 to 99 years old Semi-Old 10 to 50 years old Used 1 to 10 years old New 0 to 5 years old.

We offer rugs in every size, from smaller carpet squares to huge area rugs that span the entire room.

Find round, square, rectangular and elbow-shaped rugs in practically any color and pattern imaginable.

The Caucasus region lies between the Black and Caspian Seas, a landscape of stark beauty and harsh contrasts marked by sharp mountain peaks and deep, rich valleys.


A bridge between the Far East and Europe, the culture of the Caucasus region reflects a collision of many empires.There is also the situation of a rug weaver copying a date from an older rug, or in more modern times, intentionally "pre-dating" a rug in order to create an instant antique oriental rug.


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