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We hope that is ok, otherwise feel free to disable cookies in your browser.Erwin Axer (1 January 1917 – 5 August 2012) was a Polish theatre director, writer and university professor.Check your site stats from any device via internet statics.Like most websites Internet Statics uses cookies for various features according to our policy.


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Born to a wealthy Jewish family of Maurycy Axer, a noted lawyer, and Ernestine née Schuster, young Erwin decided to devote his life to theatre.

In late 1930s his début was Moon of the Caribbes by Eugene O'Neill.

Hand 283 RURAL CHINA IS NO COUNTRY FOR OLD PEOPLE Erosion of families sparks an epidemic of suicides among the elderly By K. After a painstaking journey, researchers are preparing to test stem cell therapy in ailing fetuses By J. Although only about 450 laboratory heads are pursuing basic neuroscience research in India, for example, these researchers are “seeking and amenable to taking an international role,” said neuroscientist Sandhya Koushika of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India.

Couzin-Frankel \ 286 Gene therapy gets a high-stakes test i By J. 342 292 OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCES IN CLIMATE CHANGE ECONOMICS Target carbon’s costs, policy designs, and developing countries By M. 294 THE STRAIGHT DOPE ON THE SCOPE OF CHEMICAL REACTIONS Complementary strategies are needed for the analysis and reporting of synthetic methods By T Gensch and F Glorias 295 WHEN CELLS PUSH THE ENVELOPE Nuclear integrity is temporarily compromised to accommodate cell migration By B. 353&3S9 296 TOWARD SINGLE-ATOM MEMORY Single holmium atoms can be used as a stable magnetic memory By A. A global neuroscience project should al- low scientists from all countries to make intellectual contributions that go beyond “patronizing” requests for data analysis or technical support, she said. After her parents were divorced in 1953, Baxter and her two brothers, Richard (born 1944) and Brian (born 1946), were raised by their mother in Pasadena.


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