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"April Beyer (@April Beyer), president and founder of personal matchmaking and relationship consulting firm Beyer & Company LLC and host of VH1's Making Mr.

Right says that getting in the right mindset is key to having a good time.

"In other words, a second date will always be flat if women go out with a guy again that they're not that excited about, and their only goal is to 'think about it more' or figure out how they feel. Consider choosing something that will allow you to talk and get to know each other. For the most part, men are so used to planning dates that if you say, “Let me plan this date and take you out," you’re already ahead of the curve. Pick a venue, or activity that he will love and this date will really stand out.

The unique date will also give you something to talk about. Nothing says that you’re seriously interested in a guy more than taking the initiative and planning a night out. A great example would be to plan a date at his favorite sports bar if he’s a big sports fan.

Which is why you’re so surprised when on the second date, you feel like you’re out with a totally different person.

Between all the awkward pauses, you’re wondering what you saw in this guy.


If that seems to you like a downburst of rain on your parade, it isn’t meant to be.

But think back to every relationship you've had that lasted more than a few weeks.


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