Dating a yemeni guy

they will ask to see all the papers you got don't worry.....

Love hurts, especially in Yemen, where the majority of Yemeni people continue regarding relationships between single men and women as shameful and disgraceful.

6- there are some froms must be filled by the man and woman about 7 forms.7- they have to get letters and their replies from the National security office Criminal investigation office political office)8- then getting back to the ministry of Interior - Immigration office Dept foreigners to get the final letter to the Appeal court of the city which the girl lives in 9- in the Appeal court you will be asked again fro all copies of papers ( coz they loooove papers a lot ) .. Part 3 : do the ceremony of marriage with out worry and take your wife from that hell of routines ____________________________________________________________ - if anyone has any questions,you can email me to ask me whatever comes to your mind ..up the spirit guys !!

then you will get a letter to the Ministry of Justice - registration office 10 - in the registration office : they will ask for the man/his representer the girl guardian 2 witness of the marriage with their IDs and then going so many papers to be copied and finaly a paper to be singed by all the parties.11- that paper is called the final permission take it and move ahead to the " Madoon " shikh that is authorized legally and Islamically to do the marriage with no single word// I can give you my Madoon address 12- Get your marriage paper then back to the registration office to be registers in their records and the translate it to English in any legal translation office, go back to registration office to sign the translation paper ,at last go to the Ministry of Foreign Affair office to sing the original paper transplantation one.


Relationships outside the framework of marriage are seen as “prohibited.”Instead, tribal, traditional and religious restraints still prevent many young Yemenis from expressing or revealing their love.However, some youths are challenging these restrictions, even though doing so invites trouble.In Yemen’s ultra-conservative society, girls are not even allowed to talk with strangers who are potential suitors except when buying from a male shopkeeper or asking for directions or other information.You are OFTEN thrown into bed with other men when traveling. I met a Prince (okay you can't swing a cat there without hitting a Prince) and developed a relationship together. Sometimes, guys would walk up to me in the market and ask to take me to dinner.

SANAA: Thousands of people gathered in the rebel-held Yemeni capital Monday to witness the public execution of a man convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl.The ultra-conservative view towards love makes affairs of the heart difficult for single men seeking a wife.


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