Dating a transgenders in prison teyana taylor who is she dating

Plamondon takes female hormones, identifies as a woman, wears a bra and panties beneath her prison uniform, and does her eye make-up with colored pencils.Plamondon, 31, her face and body adorned with skull, faces and cherry blossom tattoos that she mostly inked herself, does the best she can to rid herself of the troublesome facial hair that came in adulthood because she was born a boy.In November 2016, the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) published a revised policy on transgender prisoners.NOMS had initiated a review of the issue early in 2015.Denial of access to surgical sex reassignment on the grounds of unstable or criminal behaviour condemns the transsexual individual.Resulting in potential continuing identity confusion, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, self-mutilation and acting out behaviour.For transgender prisoners, a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) would normally be necessary before a person could be placed in a prison corresponding to their acquired gender.


Transgender prisoners are vulnerable in US prisons due to a general policy of housing them according to their birth-assigned gender or genital configuration (i.e.But it was too late, Plamondon said, and she was raped that night.


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