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They suggested he performed a cone biopsy – when a cone-shaped wedge of tissue is removed from high up in the cervix - later in the pregnancy and attempted, while her baby was still in the womb, to slice out the tumour.

Amy, a tenancy support officer, agreed and the nail-biting surgery took place under general anaesthetic at Nottingham City Hospital, when she was three months pregnant.

Amazingly, Mr Abu managed to fully remove the tumour and at 39 weeks, Ruby was born by caesarean, weighing a healthy 5lb 13oz.'We were delighted,' said Amy, speaking out to raise awareness of her condition and to encourage other women to have smear tests.

'She was our miracle.'Amy and HMRC worker Mike, now 34, who married in 2009 when she was 26, started trying for a baby within a year of tying the knot.'For the first year we didn't bother trying,' she explained.



'When my husband, Mike, and I learnt what I had we couldn't believe it.A woman who suffered five heart-breaking early miscarriages, has spoken movingly of the bittersweet moment when she was told she was two months pregnant with a baby girl, but she also had cervical cancer.


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