Crystalens accomodating

There are two categories of lenses, standard and premium.

The standard category contains the traditional monofocal IOL and the premium category contains two IOL types, bifocal and toric.

Moreover, steriod drops routinely prescribed after LASIK may hasten the onset of cataracts.

Patients with signs of cataracts before LASIK should not have LASIK because vision may be corrected with the intraocular lens used for cataract surgery.

Key Benefit – Clear vision, but with glasses Monofocal IOLs are the standard lenses that have been used for decades.

Chances are if someone you know has had cataract surgery in the past, then that person has a monofocal lens.

But today, cataract patients have the choice of multifocal IOLs that can correct vision far away, up close and all distances in between.

They are designed to improve how well you see without eyeglasses in the distance, as compared to if you had a standard lens implant. Like nearsightedness, astigmatism describes a common type of natural blur in healthy eyes that is corrected by wearing eyeglasses.As the name implies, a monofocal lens is only in focus at one distance.For example, if your surgeon puts a monofocal lens in your eye so that distant objects are clear, then your up-close vision will be blurry unless you put on reading glasses.We can then incorporate this amount of astigmatism correction into the artificial lens that is selected for your cataract surgery.

This is called a toric lens implant and it represents a more customized permanent lens implant for your eye.

For example, in low-light conditions, as the pupil dilates, more light is distributed to elements in the lens required for clear distance vision.


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