Criticisms of online dating

It is the story of how our stupid white male egos were crushed, trashed, and ultimately resurrected in a frail, but perhaps more lasting and real form.

It is the story of the Douchiest Internet Dating coaches.

Called "hyper personal interaction," it is well documented that people disclose personal details at double the rate the normally would when they are online.

What results is a false sense of intimacy between two people, and while this feeling may aid the romantic connection promised by dating services, it can equally result in misunderstandings.

Tinder received responses from 7,072 of its users aged 18-36, and Morar Consulting conducted a similar survey across the US, getting answers from 2,502 US adults aged 18-35.

The study covers a hitlist of subjects online dating is often criticised over, the research looking at issues of commitment, exclusively and equality, asking whether online daters actually meet up offline or not, and whether online singles are shallow and uninterested in longterm relationships.

And while many individuals have had pleasant, or at least neutral experiences with online dating, those promoting the activity are often simultaneously selling it.


FOR the lovelorn, the new year can be an unhappy time, as they cast envious glances in the direction of lovey-dovey couples at the season's parties.This happened most famously with the Vanity Fair article ‘Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse” by Nancy Jo Sales, about a new hookup-orientated generational shift amongst younger users of dating apps, that Tinder responded to with an ill-advised Twitter rant.


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