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Group 1 Crew also feel this guilt in a recent song, Elevator Doors.The elevator doors open to another level for him, but they seem to close in on his heart. His past self would have told him that he should be happy at this point, but he isn’t.If you are in a gas station convenience mart at in the afternoon, and woman enters wearing a terrycloth bathrobe and slippers, having left a 1989 Chevy Blazer idling five feet from the front doors, it's best not to position yourself between her and the cigarettes.I have a love-hate relationship with KNHC, Seattle's local "dance music" radio station.The nice thing about C89, though, is that they only have 15 songs in the rotation at any given time, so you can keep up-to-date with their playlist just by listening for a few commutes every other month or so.I did so yesterday, and was treated to a new ditty by Madonna & Justin Timberlake: Apparently--and this will no doubt surprise you as much as it did me--Madonna and Justin only got 4 minutes to save the world, only got 4 minutes, wika wika, 4 minutes.(chorus)Life gets harder every year Those with the least have the most to fear Those with the most just don't care When will the good times roll?

Baum - March15, 2007 words and music and © 2003 Peggy Seegeradministered by harmony music, ltd.Lion statues must be petted between the eys just above the nose, and dogs patted familiarly on the flank.(If they are twin statues at a doorway I only feel the need to pet one) And there have been several instances where this statue has felt the firm press of my lips.Perhaps it is the fact they bear the wear of history - and I am drawn to old things.

It could be that I find a quiet romance in them, as they stand still morning, noon, and night, eyes unblinking - never participating but always observing, and part of me hopes that through a momentary touch I can unleash all their hidden secrets and stories; see what they've seen, know what they know.

And I hear this song and think, "wow, that's a powerful and socially-relevant message they got there, as they are no doubt referencing the Doomsday Clock and are rallying their young listeners to the cause of greenhouse gas reduction, reminding them that climate change is at pressing and urgent issue that threaten catastrophic destruction if left unchecked." Honest to god, I thought all that.


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