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Now they are hoping to attract even more attention through our Business Boost competition, which puts them in the frame to win £10,000-worth of free advertising.

The two friends moved into the breakfast cereal business after careers in other industries – Mr Christian as a management consultant for Deloitte in London while Mr Cottingham worked in the timber industry in Cumbria.

They were introduced to toasted muesli by a Swedish friend and spotted a gap in the market.

They have both quit their jobs to make a success of this new venture.

When Christians themselves arrived is a matter of speculation.

Our informal and relaxed atmosphere lends itself to conferences, and house-party style group events.

Carlisle Crown Court heard today how Mountfort was arrested at the Kendal Calling music festival on July 31.

He was detained after police launched an inquiry into the death of another festivalgoer.

There are plenty of other standard muesli brands out there and we wanted to keep our distinctiveness.” Their firm was set up in September and has already attracted the interest of some of the county’s biggest retailers, including Cranstons and Pioneer.


The duo are now hoping to take their product into luxury hotels around the country.Their recipes boast a high proportion of seeds, nuts, cereals and fruit, and comes in two varieties – Artman Classic and Tropical Medley.


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