Christian dating breakups

Prayer will calm you as you vent your emotions to God.

He is big enough to handle your pain and to comfort you. This is one of the most comforting books of the Bible. Talking about the breakup to strangers can help, but don't go looking for a new partner.

I was in junior high and enamored with a girl one year my senior.

One day I mustered up the courage to approach her and asked if she would be my girlfriend. No one should be surprised that the relationship ended shortly thereafter.




Sending a text or breaking up over the phone or email may be the easy option but it isn’t the best option.

Surviving any breakup is hard; surviving a Christian breakup, whether a marriage or a long-term relationship can be especially devastating.


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    If you break that pattern and act against type — in a positive way — you inject new life into the relationship.

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