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Recently, Chris Pine attended Star Trek Beyond Premiere at Embarcadero Marina Park on July 20 in San Diego.

He looks dashing in a navy blue suit with Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, wow!

Chris, 29, was last romantically linked to 30-year-old aspiring actress Nathalie Walker.

10 pictures inside of Jasmine Waltz and her famous boyfriends…

Guys of course are interested in Chris Pine because they want to know how to create a physique and look that is similar to the popular star.

So what is Chris Pine’s secret to building such a muscular, defined and impressive physique? Does he have a certain body type that requires him to adopt a certain approach to his workouts and diet? I am hoping my observations of this actor, viewed through the twin lenses of behavior and exercise science, will help you to enhance your physique and appearance, using Chris Pine as a blueprint. Other Chris Pine girlfriend lines of gossip that have been whispered about the star include Sorel Carradine and Dominique Piek.

But she likely didn't want reporters digging too much into her background, either.movies, where he plays the role of a young Captain James T. What’s remarkable about Pine is that over a very short period of time, he has skyrocketed to major celebrity status.Pine has been featured in number of fitness magazines, including It is likely for this reason the Chris Pine girlfriend question is so intriguing to many, particularly women, who want to know if the dude is single.The two lovebirds frolicked around Paris during a spring break getaway.


Jasmine must not have been heartbroken for very long because a few months later in July, she was getting hot and heavy with singer Jesse Mc Cartney, 22.

Let’s take a quick look at some basic data regarding Chris Pine, I’ve thrown in some details about his rumored relationships and then moved on to examining his possible workout and self-care routine. In 2013, he was spotted kissing Miss Reykjavík, Íris Björk Jóhannesdóttir; an Icelandic beauty, according to Mail Online.


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