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L'adolescente trifluvienne n'est pas l'enfant d'Hermès et d'Aphrodite.Elle n'est pas un personnage mythique, encore moins une statue avec des seins et un pénis.Cody also arrived from the city’s animal control facility with a serious case of pneumonia, and was soon moved to Greenfield Animal Hospital in Southfield, where the dog is still being treated.


I ask all my friends and none can think on an answer. The attraction is there because of the hormones, and all the body parts are there too (as well as curiosity).I can understand that hermaphrodites are a result of sin.But if homosexuality is wrong then what moral basis does a hermaphrodite or "its" parents have for selecting a gender.When that is the case, no abnormalities are noted and other types of tissues need to be analyzed.

I came across this thread, complete with pictures, of this lady's newly acquired colt/gelding with no testicles, no obvious penis, and 2 clearly defined teats.

The dog is a silvery-gray pit bull mix named Cody, who arrived at the Detroit-based rescue shelter on Tuesday.


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