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What would his most personal typeface look like then?

Released today, Zapfino Arabic is an addition to Monotype’s Zapfino family that answers that question.

A calligraphic font with the elegant loops and strokes worthy of a dandy, Zapfino is based on a sample of Zapf’s own handwriting from 1944, which was then turned into a typeface almost 40 years later.

But what if Hermann Zapf had been born in the Arab world, instead of Germany?

Maybe it’s age that has mellowed him—he’s 55—or maybe he just has less to prove these days, now that virtually everything he’s tried has turned out not just okay, not just successful, but singular and exquisite.

He’s still a perfectionist, of course, but Tom Ford at 55 has decided that he can survive a thumbprint or two.

The partnership between Middlebury Interactive Languages and QFI seeks to increase the number of Arabic speakers in the United States. QFI operates as both a grant-making organization, and a convener of thought leaders on issues related to global and international education, open education and education technologies as they intersect with the three core QFI programmatic areas: Arabic language and Arab culture, STEM (STEM plus the Arts), and Youth Engagement.


The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) has partnered with MIL the last 5 years to provide full and partial scholarships along with travel stipends to students participating in our Arabic Academy in Vermont.Mumbai) with electronic sounds, from pioneering acid house to today's powerful techno.Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho ( Sex Schön in the studio), both djs for many years and residents of infamous Parisian club Chez Moune, have fallen in love with this music after a trip to Tunisia with Dj Gilb'R.On this first EP you will hear the French dance master I: Cube giving his own definition of an Arabic acid track.

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which on its surface seems like a story of revenge.


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    Pictures of the UK's 10 most wanted alleged fraudsters have been released by police.

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    GCAM consists of a simple interface for making bolt holes, drill holes, sketches, templates, and more.

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    Yet, assisted living facility in the greater houston area virtual games for ages 8307-2039 apartment as part fundraiser.

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