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Also my research interests include computational methods in medical imaging, medical image processing and segmentation, computer aided detection/diagnosis, medical image construction techniques and imaging in diagnostic radiology/echography.

Victor Gulbin I am the Chief of the Center of radio-protective materials (Radioprotection Center), and I represent services in development and production of the radio absorbing fillers for their application in construction and constructional materials for the purpose of decrease in level of electromagnetic fields in rooms; developments and to production of radiation protective materials on a polymeric and metal basis for radiation protection of the radio-electronic equipment and safety of personnel Hossam Donya, Ph DThis is Dr.

We describe a two-phase study directed toward background reduction of a manual liquid scintillation counter and the interfacing of electronics for counting to a computer data acquisition system.

Counter background reduction is achieved with afterpulse electronics, a high-performance cocktail, an auxiliary detector/guard and a special sample vial holder.

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