Boyfriend still on dating site


That's a mess I don't want to be involved in.

I appreciate rules when they outline and help promote basic human decency, sure, but hate them when they prevent me from doing something I really want to do, especially if that thing involves eating cake.

He actually said "who cares" if he gets on there liking barely legal girls and their pics they post ? I'm telling you he is full of chit and you are putting up with it so he will continue to do it, he might take down the profile, but just open up another one in a few months, guys like him don't change. There's no point to that site other than meeting up with people and maybe jerking off to the good pics. EDIT: Am telling you guys like him are just scumbags.

I had dated a guy once who use to browse escort sites and when I brought it up he said " who cares ? he kept looking for months and months, why would I want to put my health at risk for a guy that will phuck anything he thinks looks cute ?

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OK, whoa, sorry for posting that fake letter yesterday. That’s OK — I can take it as well as I can dish it.

Most of us keep our profile up on whatever app/site we're on until you and you-know-who discuss being exclusive.


We joke about the site all the time and tease each other whenever one of us happens to see that the other has gotten a new message, but there’s this tiny part of me that’s worried that he’ll actually act on it.

Also, his turning down an offer to do what you would like is a key sign that he is not flexible.


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