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Bill Clinton served for eight years, but we were always more intrigued by Bill Clinton the Person—a magnetic charmer once described by Chris Rock as “a cool guy, like the president of a record company.” Clinton’s charisma defined his presidency, for better and for worse. He couldn’t stop trying to win everyone over, whether it was a the president—carries himself like Roger Federer, a merciless competitor who keeps coming and coming, only there’s a serenity about him that disarms just about everyone.At one point during the hour I spent interviewing him at the White House this fall, he casually compared himself to Aaron Rodgers, and he wasn’t bragging. Suddenly, ten anonymous security guards pop out of hallways and doorways that you didn’t know were there. And then, there’s Obama—big smile, big handshake, some ball-busting comments to put everyone at ease. Why did it seem like, in 2015, he finally started letting it fly, threw on his Beefsquatch costume and let everyone know “THIS IS ME NOW!

At this point, my kids could have said, “Hey, Dad, we’re gonna go outside and play in traffic,” and I probably would have grunted, “OK, sounds good.” I spent the next 45 minutes inhaling the show, ripping through commercials and finishing in real time at . Apparently, they reached 131.76 decibels — which is probably the sound a Boeing 747 makes if it’s flying over a football stadium filled with shrieking teenage girls at a One Direction concert. (Well, them and Peyton Manning, who’s on pace to throw 112 touchdowns this season.) Only one downer for the Kaepernick-Wilson rivalry: By rule, all quarterbacks like each other and feel bonded by such a frighteningly complex position. This week, a rumor even circulated that they made a friendly “Sunday’s loser has to shave his eyebrows” wager. Last spring, Harbaugh even called out Seattle’s multiple PED suspensions and quoted Bo Schembechler by saying, “If you cheat to win, then you’ve already lost.” I thought that was a low blow — not bringing up the PED stuff, but quoting Bo Schembechler.

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never up your bets when you're losing to "change the momentum" ... within 30 minutes, I found myself heading over to the Venetian at in the morning (special thanks to the Sports Gal for her inspiring "You can do it!

always up your bets when you're winning, because blackjack is all about streaks ... Maybe I wouldn't win every time, but I wouldn't get shellacked, either. Obama identified with Rodgers’s ability to keep his focus downfield despite all the chaos happening in front of him. Within seconds of greeting me, he was poking fun at my shoes and teasing me for not writing anymore. ” Gay marriage, health care, Charleston, the Iran deal…


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