Benji schwimmer and donyelle dating

My favorite dances are still the ones choreographed by Wade Robson — Justin Timberlake‘s “Sexy Back” and Roisin Murphy‘s “Ramalama Bang Bang.” All of the dancers brought their A game and I had so much fun watching them from start to finish. kicks off its eleventh season on Wednesday, and while the series can't be said to be in its prime anymore — the judges don't really critique anymore, and the whole enterprise might be well served by starting the competition at 16 dancers rather than the traditional 20 — it's still your go-to program if you're looking for top-notch dancing on TV.



But Benji, who is the brother of "Dancing With The Stars" pro Lacey Schwimmer, also comes from the Mormon world--so his decision to live life as an openly gay man, which he publicly announced this week, was an extremely agonized one.

Benji and Travis dance with each other for the first time, was well as Heidi and Donyelle.


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