Baby consolidating naps to one nap self liquidating debt

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As your baby grows, and as his brain and body develop, his short naps should begin to consolidate into several longer naps.

I say this in the same way that one might say that a bad case of gout is also less of a party.

Newborn babies often take as many as 6-8 naps a day, but by ~3 months of age, your baby should have settled into a 3- or 4- nap a day schedule (and I’m using the term here lightly).

Third, remember that older babies may take a catnap each day when they’re approaching (or in the midst of) a nap transition.

For instance, many 7 month olds take a 3rd catnap late in the afternoon, as they transition to a two-nap-a-day schedule.

If you have a more structured day, then choose a time for the one nap and stick to it and she "should" work with it (I think thats how daycares work). Be flexible about nap times:"I don't have much advice about this, other than to say that it can be a rocky adjustment, but one that miraculously resolves itself.

Or should I keep trying to put her down for a morning nap to give her an opportunity to sleep if she needs it? My daughter did the same thing for about a month when she was transitioning. Eventually she got herself on a schedule of 1 nap (at around 17 months I think).


(Sadly this basic concept sums up the entire parenting experience…) Naps that had just barely started to settle into a predictable schedule and duration will start getting shorter. If however, your previously champion napper is having consistent nap issues then, depending on how old your baby is, the issue could be that she’s simply getting ready to drop a nap. And (most importantly) – is this a problem you can fix? Most parents can expect 1 – 1.5 hours for a long nap, although some babies and toddlers will take longer naps (especially toddlers who have transitioned to just one afternoon nap – those naps can be as long as 2-3 hours!


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