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CHILDREN’S TV legends Dick and Dom are about to be unleashed on a live theatre tour that takes in The Anvil at Basingstoke on Tuesday May 30.

Touring the UK from this April in a show that promises to get the whole family on their feet, the live performance will be full of madcap challenges and audience games that will guarantee to have you in stitches. One half of the audience is against the other half, so EVERYONE who comes along will get to be involved – Oh, and we can’t guarantee it won’t get a bit messy!

When a couple wanted to marry, they not only needed official permission from their parents, but social approval from their whole town.

For many English citizens of the era, the only way to live with their sweethearts was to elope in a runaway marriage.

Scotland, on the other hand, had very different laws: girls over 12 and boys over 14 could get married by “declaration,” meaning they only had to announce vows in front of witnesses. Scottish law allowed any citizen to perform a marriage, and anyone else present to bear witness.

Gretna Green innkeeper Thomas Little, who performed weddings in his inn, the Maxwell Arms, is thought to have been the first to capitalize on the legal differences between the two countries, inventing the concept of the “Gretna Wedding.” Many runway weddings were performed in inns or public buildings, but another central town fixture also played a chief role: blacksmith cottages, near where the blacksmith made the couple’s rings.

And the biggest irony of all was that I was actually paying for it!



We are within a short drive of Castle Combe and Lacock, within easy reach of three World Heritage Sites, including Bath,and well placed for touring the rest of Wiltshire and the Cotswolds. There are many country pubs and restaurants nearby and the area is blessed with lovely walks and cycling.

"But then it got a lot worse when he started trying to look deeply into my eyes and suggesting we had a 'special connection'.


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