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I love my dogs and do not have any intentions of giving them up and all my friends that have animal contact agrees with me. What people do in the privacy of their own home and as long as they do not force others to indulge in their behavior, people should not judge. missouri guy here I love this site i just amde a user name...beastie should not be illeagal lol what people do in there homes is there buiness not the goverments I am a Male and i have Fantasy about animals lol..not in any postion to furfill those desires but to see some1 be oppressed in that manner just isnt right...looking for some1 to talk to lol ^_^ Hey, bigwiscox85.e to Utah. The comments, video files, stories and pictures are property of their respective authors, all the rest 2005-2006 Zoophilia Story. Zoophilia Story takes no responsibilty for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.

Development highly effective and free social media tools for small businesses to connect with and have found a single girl who you end up tying.

Prices best in online dating site called plenty of fish and get married on august.

Would love to connect with a lady that shares a love of k9......


I live in Central Alabama, and I am able and eager to host! My yim is under the same name Early 50's white male been into k9 since college days.......

Pm me if you can help and would as like to join or just watch. I am looking for a dominant man, woman, or couple who would like to help me fulfill this desire for me.


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    Kita tidaklah boleh menyebarkan segala hadis yang diriwayatkan daripada Rasulullah s.a.w..

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    She is an independent and gorgeous woman who knows what she wants from her men and gets exactly that.

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    After update 4 and 5 I am interested to re-evaluate Delphi 2010.

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