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College or trade school graduates have a better chance at finding gainful employment.

I haven’t been in school for years; I don’t think I have what it takes anymore One of the common issues preventing older adults who contemplate going back to school is a fear that they will not be successful.

"I couldn't believe all of this was available — for free," he says.

Welcome to "e-learning." Curious about world history or quantum physics?

The average person who has a college education can make on average a million dollars more in their lifetime than a person who doesn’t.

More and more people, even after finding a job during the recession, are becoming underemployed.

Take it from Mariko, “The simple fact that I can stick with a task until it is complete is a major breakthrough for me!

” IM training is able to get to the source of attention problems by addressing efficient, rhythmic communication between the brain’s functional networks.


Getting distracted while doing your taxes can result in serious penalties.Colman, who founded and edits Open Culture, a website that tracks free educational and cultural media on the Web, considers these materials to be an important resource for personal enrichment, not a replacement for a college education."I think we're entering an era where lifelong learners will have access to limitless amounts of free, noncommercial educational opportunities.While older people may have more hands-on experience than their younger counterparts, prospective employers tend to look at college level education that has been completed by the applicant above all else.


It has been proven time and time again that those with a college education are able to go further in their career, not only in terms of compensation, but when it comes to job positioning as well.Also, there is a good chance your children may experience the same problems. Mariko is a smart, beautiful young lady, but she couldn’t pay attention during college lectures.


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