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A cafe worker offered to test the drink and suffered a similar reaction, the prosecutor said. faces up to 40 years in prison after he was found cruising down the highway with more than 200 grams of heroin in the diaper he was wearing, federal officials said.

Keys, 38, of New Orleans was charged Friday by a federal grand jury. John the Baptist Parish, north of New Orleans, when sheriff's deputies pulled over the car he was in for a traffic violation, according to court documents.

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I wont bore you with my physical disabilities, you can read up on pernicious anaemia and b12 deficency on wiki but as it was a late diagnosis I can tick most of the boxes.

I ended up in hospital for 4 months 1/2 of which was rehab trying to get some mobility back as at the time I was confined to a chair.

While this might superficially seem the same as the existing thread.

It authorizes a series of data collection, reporting and research efforts to be undertaken, as resources permit, beginning in FY2016 and continuing if necessary into FY2017.I guess in this day and time and according to Justice Kennedy the Nuremberg trials would be moved to Washington and the Nazis would wait quietly in a courtroom for traffic ticket and bounced checks cases then the court would say, " will Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess please take the stand.".So, when classes resumed in May, the school unveiled a unisex restroom designated by a human figure split in half - part man in blue and part woman in red.Note that the list of references may not be complete.

Exposing the Liberal Lie through current events and history.

On leaving Hospital I was sent to a care home as I was unfit to look after myself.


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    We were always a bit concerned that this might be an issue and if so, how would we work around it?

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    Fabaceae is the most common family found in tropical rainforests and in dry forests in the Americas and Africa.

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