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They know that as soon as people join in and see how easy it is, they will keep coming back …This is the strategy that the maximum value of this site I N cam.The Black Alley brings you only the most beautiful and sensual Asian models in the world.All shot by the very best photographers in the business to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Then get the fullsize pictures in the members area.Sure it would be nice to make some money, but that shouldn't be the ultimate goal. When people can still download MP3s from top selling artists for free, who would pay 99 cents for a song from someone they don't even know?The goal should be to get your music into the hands of as many people as possible and hope that the word about your band spreads like wild fire. Not offering your tracks for download because you are overly paranoid that someone will steal or copy your music is one thing, but to not offer your songs to be downloaded because you think people should buy your music is another.An editorial by Keif Last week I brought up the topic of MP3s and file sharing.In keeping with this theme I would like to talk about pay per downloads.


While we do plan on offering a pay per download feature, I wanted to know what everyone's position was on selling your MP3s for 99 cents.

Imagine a place where you can go and see a gallery of the most beautiful in the world and exotic woman, and 24 hours to them to interact with one days, and let them act out price is less than the pizza of your personal fantasies.

I’m just saying, if you have not tried the adult site you are really missing out.

Tired of spending hours searching for Asian porn and finding only American Asian girls in generic porn?

Not to mention all those trojans and other virus warnings from shady sites.

My take on the subject is a pretty one sided, but I am trying to be open minded.



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