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Your dad can then keep tabs on the live security feed on a compatible mobile phone and record any dodgy behaviour as evidence. These tend to be a bit more expensive but don't require an additional power source to run (and yes, they will still work at night.) If cellular networks aren't an option, he could try a motion-activated security camera connected to onsite drive storage or an inbuilt SD card.

This will require driving to the location and checking the footage regularly, but if your dad's employees are stealing on a regular basis it shouldn't take too long to catch them on video.

If you have an i Phone, or something else, I have no clue if this will work for you.

Now, these instructions are for an Android phone with Gmail.

It is about such stylish and light 8'' tablet – Prestigio Multipad 2 8.0 3G Ultra Duo – that I will tell you in this review.

And for the review not to be too meagre, I asked my female friend to participate in the testing.


Thanks, Insecure Dear Insecure, Depending on how "iffy" the phone signal is, you may be able to get away with a 3G/4G LTE surveillance camera using a pay-as-you go SIM card.

You have practiced shooting, planted food plots, hung stands, trimmed shooting lanes, mowed trails, and even washed your hunting clothes…there is no doubt you are ready.

However, upon the arrival of opening day, you make a mistake…you climb up into your “go to” stand.

You’ll have a little txt that says something like “Bienvenue chez Orange, votre numero mobicarte est le your_phone_number” where your_phone_number will start with 06.


Up until opening day, you have worked relentlessly every single weekend.We're also going to throw this one over to our readers: has anyone ever had to set up a surveillance system in a remote location that lacked internet access?



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