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However, there is an rapid increase in population associated with domestication of plants, so although in some regions individual health suffers after the Neolithic revolution, as a species humans have greatly expanded their population worldwide.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2002) 56 doi:10.1038/1601646Introduction Human nutrition researchers are increasingly exploring the role evolution has played in the development of modern human physiology and are becoming aware of various nutritionally related disorders in Western societies that are not observed in a number of modern hunter-gatherer populations (Cordain et al, 2000; Eaton & Konner, 1985).

Hamburg, Germany 18 October 2000 Guest Editors: H K Biesalski, S Truswell and M Hill Readers are referred to European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Volume 56 Supplement 1, March 2002 for other papers presented at this meeting Knowledge of our ancestor's diets is becoming increasingly important in evolutionary medicine, as researchers have argued that we have evolved to specific type of 'Palaeolithic' diet, and many modern nutritional disorders relate to the mismatch between the diet to which we have evolved, and the relatively newer agricultural-based 'Neolithic' diets.

However, what is the archaeological evidence for pre-agricultural diets and how have they changed over the four million years of hominid evolution?

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The archaeological evidence is especially weak, as many organic materials, especially plants, do not survive well, and are therefore invisible in the archaeological record.

Artefacts, such as stone tools which are likely to be used for hunting and animal bones with evidence of human processing and butchering do indicate that hunting did occur at many times in the past, but it is impossible to judge the frequency.

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